Kanye West has reportedly applied a 'new dynamic' in his relationship with wife Bianca Censori as he desires to become a 'wonderful' husband

Photo: ‘Wonderful’ Kanye West ‘protective’ of 'bare' Bianca Censori: Report

Kanye West has seemingly become over-protective of his wife, Bianca Censori after encountering a 'dumb' question from a reporter. 

In an attempt to make amends for his past ‘controlling behaviour,’ Kanye West has reportedly implemented a ‘new dynamic’ in his marriage of one year with the Australian architect, Bianca Censori.

Earlier, a report by The Mirror furnished “that Kanye views himself as a wonderful husband, loyal and attentive to his wife.”

This came after the controversial rapper indulged in a heated argument with a TMZ reporter, who questioned him about his wife’s “free will” in her life’s decisions.

At that time, the psychic from The Mirror maintained that Kanye West was taken aback by the question because he thinks, "anyone can see that he's a faithful and caring husband, so he assumed that the reporter was questioning it in bad faith, and reacted to that."

Lately, another body language expert named Judi James has told the outlet about the Vultures crooner's ‘odd’ attire in the latest outing.

Studying Kanye's covered-up display, even Judi suggested that Kanye wishes to look ‘protective’ of his wife. 

According to The Mirror, she further said, "Kanye adds to the rather odd symbolism here by presenting as a masked, face-less alpha, striding out in leather and a poncho while holding his wife’s hand with his own hand on top to suggest a desire to look fond and protective."

The expert also observed before concluding that Bianca looked ‘less than comfortable’ whenever she decided to step out ‘nearly naked’ with her husband.  

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