In a viral clip, Travis Kelce can be seen making Taylor Swift's signature heart gesture towards her

Why Travis Kelce's heart gesture for Taylor Swift was 'much-needed'?

After Travis Kelce’s loving shoutout to Taylor Swift, a body language expert has weighed in on the public gesture and what it meant.

The analysis comes after the tight end flashed the singer’s signature heart sign towards her after he successfully scored a touchdown.

Travis's gesture was shortly followed by a blowing kiss which he flew in the direction of the VIP suite where Taylor was celebrating the win.

According to a body language expert named Judi James, the public acknowledgement of Travis’ love was much needed as fans had begun "blaming" the Lover crooner for "being a distraction."

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“Did Travis actually throw a heart up at Taylor during his victory rituals after a touchdown? If it was aimed at her (and her over-excited response from the box suggests it was) this is a very important and much-needed signal from Kelce to his super A-list girl,” she told the Mirror.

"Taylor has shown up at his games like a complete and total fan, dressing in the clothing of his sports culture, hugging and integrating with his team-mates' wives whereas Travis has been seen at one of her concerts,” Judi noted while speaking of the couple supporting each other's careers.

Speaking of Taylor's “ecstatic” response, Judi concluded: “She seems to signal him personally with her ten fingers raised and splayed, jumping up and down like a teenager.”

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