During ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast, Tish Cyrus reveals her vulnerable mental health amidst divorce with Billy Ray Cyrus

Tish Cyrus reflects on the toll her divorce took on her  

Film producer, Tish Cyrus finally gets candid about her divorce with ex-husband Billy Ray Cyrus and also weighs in on her deteriorating mental health from that time.

Tish Cyrus, aged 56, revealed that it was the COVID-19 pandemic that led her to take the big step of filing for divorce.

“During that period, I took a really good, hard look at life, my life, and like, 'What was I gonna do?” she realized when the country singer left for Tennesse with her in California.

Admitting that her mental health ‘had not been in a good place’ and that she asked to be put in a ‘mental hospital’, 2020 pandemic helped her in making a tough decision.

“Being alone, and all of a sudden just having kind of the weight of the world off my shoulders, and I was able to just breathe. And smoke pot and garden and go skinny dipping in my pool. That's what I did during Covid. It was hugely transformative,” she confessed.

Unfortunately for Trish, as she found the strength to live alone, she was met with the tragic death of her mother, “I was alone during that time, I had to go through it alone, and I literally can't believe I did that".

"It was so crazy, my two biggest fears in life were being alone and my mom passing away. And I had one month of a complete psychological breakdown.” she told Alex Cooper of the Call Her Daddy podcast.

The music manager elaborated that she could not ‘eat’, ‘sleep’ or ‘stop crying’ as she lost her mom and left by her husband of 30 years simultaneously.

The couple had decided to part their ways twice before the official split but reconciled later. Since the divorce, Tish has found her love in Prison Break actor Dominic Purcell and tied the knot in 2023 while Billy Ray married singer Firerose.  

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