Taylor Swift disclosed what was her original plan behind announcing her 11th studio album

Taylor Swift makes shocking confession about 'Tortured Poets Department' 

Taylor Swift recently confessed about the original plan behind announcing her upcoming album The Tortured Poets Department.

On February 7, the 34-year-old popstar told the audience at the first night of her Eras Tour stop in Tokyo that she had planned to announce her 11th record album in front of them but changed her mind after winning a Grammy last week.

"I had this plan in my head, and I told my friends — I told Jack, but I hadn’t really told many other people. I thought, 'Okay, so if I’m lucky enough to win one thing tonight, I’m just going to do it. I’m just going to announce my new album,’” she revealed.

She added: "I told myself if I'm lucky enough to win anything tonight, I'm just gonna do it. I'm just gonna announce it. My backup plan was that I was gonna announce tonight in Tokyo!"

Taylor also revealed that she has been working on her recent album right after she finished recording Midnights.

"I’ve been working on it for about two years, I kept working on it throughout the US tour. When it was perfect in my opinion — when it was good enough for you — I finished it. I am so, so excited. Soon you'll get to hear it. Soon we’ll get to hear it together,” she told the audience.

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