Kylie Jenner reportedly has a list of bizarre rules for her beau Timothee Chalamet

‘Suspicious’ Kylie Jenner wants Timothee Chalamet to cut ties with all his exes

Kylie Jenner seemed to be insecure of her beau Timothee Chalamet’s past girlfriends as she has told him to cut ties with all of them even the ones he has amicable bond with.

According to Heat Magazine, the reality TV star has been “through hell” with men she has previously dated and has become “deeply insecure.”

Speaking with the publication, a source shared while referring to recent Selena Gomez controversy at Golden Globes that Kylie doesn’t want the Wonka actor to take pictures with any girl.

“First, Kylie wanted him to cut ties with all his exes, even the ones he still considers friends,” the insider shared one of the bizarre rules that Kylie has laid down for Timothee.

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“He’s dated a lot more people than anyone realises, including the likes of Lily Rose Depp and [Madonna’s daughter] Lourdes Leon,” the source shared.

“But Kylie’s suspicious of any women in his life, even those he works with. Allegedly, Timothée has also given Kylie his social media passwords and shares his location with her 24/7.

“He’s obviously under her spell and jumps to her defence when his friends give him a hard time.”

The insider said Kylie has told Timothee that if he wants her to be in his life, he will have to “live up to her expectations.”

“That includes following her long – and, at times, bizarre – list of dos and don’ts,” they revealed. 

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