Shakira's stalker, who claims to be her husband, was arrested outside her house in Miami Beach on Monday

Photo: Shakira's stalker 'husband' nabbed outside her home

Shakira is seemingly heaving a sigh of relief after putting her stalker behind bars.

The Columbian songstress reportedly dodged a bullet as the man who claimed to be her husband is now under arrest.

According to the report of Billboard, Daniel John Valtier was taken into custody outside the singer’s home in Miami Beach on Monday.

The 56-year-old stalker was charged with one count of stalking for delivering her wine and chocolates as gifts even after Shakira’s security team warned him of the consequences.

During his trial in court, which took place on Tuesday, the alleged stalker maintained that he was married to the 46-year-old singing sensation.

“She is my wife, I speak to her all the time,” the stalker insisted.

In response to these ‘absurd’ claims, the judge declared, “She is not your wife,” before ordering him to stop following her. 

The report’s filings read that Shakira’s “security team got alarmed after seeing a post on Instagram in which Valtier said that he was going to the singer’s home.” Later, he was detained when the security spotted him outside the celebrity’s house.  

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