Sam Asghari wants to know Brad Pitt skincare secret

Sam Asghari is seeking tips from Brad Pitt for skincare after both stars met at an art exhibit in Beverly Hills.

The art show happened at the Gagosian Gallery, where the Oscar winner's pal Bennett Miller displayed his art.

At the prestigious event, Britney Spears' ex, who slipped into a black shirt over a brown suede jacket and matched it with black joggers, posed a photo with the Fury actor, who was equally looking chic in a leather jacket, brown shirt, and jeans.

"At the #bennettmiller at the @gagosian with some cool people last night," the Lioness actor shared on Instagram.

Moreover, the Iranian-born model shared, "Also got a lot of skin care tips from Brad Pitt."

In the meantime, Brad is apparently facing choppy waters related to family as he wants to introduce his girlfriend, Ines De Ramon, to his kids but is ambivalent about ex-Angelina Jolie's reaction.

"Brad's walking on eggshells when it comes to introducing his children to his new girlfriend," a well-placed source told National Enquirer.

The insider gave insights into the father-of-six wary mindset, "The caution stems from a desire to avoid additional tensions with Angie, noting, "She's not just the kids' mother, she's their best friend."

"Can you imagine what a meeting would be like between the kids and Ines?" the mole squealed. "No wonder he's in no rush to make the introductions!" 

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