Prince Harry to be accepted with ‘open arms’ if he comes to UK with ‘apology’ to see King Charles

The Royal family is expecting Prince Harry to come with an “apology” leaving behind his ego and “me, me, me” attitude to the UK to see his ailing father, King Charles, following cancer diagnosis.

Amid ongoing debate whether or not Harry, the Duke of Sussex, would reunite with his estranged brother, Prince William, and rest of the family members, an expert said the Royal family wants him to apologise.

Discussing the matter with Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg on GB News, Angela Levin claimed that Harry might only be welcomed with “open arms” if he is willing to apologise for his public attacks.

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Rees-Mogg said: "I expect that Harry will be welcomed back with open arms won't her?" to which Levin replied, "I can't say, I absolutely agree with you because it depends if Harry is still thinking only in terms of me, me, me.”

She continued: "When he's come over to London or phones he wants to tell his father that he still wants him to apologise, and particularly to Megan for the way she was treated.”

"He's got so many moans that they go back to when he was quite a small child. He's got a great list, and I think that wouldn't be a good thing to do. I think it's good that he's coming, but he's got to come with an apology,” Levin added.

"He should actually take responsibility for upsetting his father hugely, not arrive, and then say, you know, I want you to apologise."

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