The royal insider claimed King Charles and Prince Harry were able to mend things 'pretty quickly'

Prince William warns King Charles over reconciliation with Harry

Prince William allegedly issued warning to his father King Charles over reconciliation with Prince Harry, saying the Duke of Sussex will ‘betray’ the royal family again.

Speaking to the In Touch Weekly, the royal insider claimed that Prince William is furious that Harry and King Charles were talking again.

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The future king reportedly feels ‘betrayed’ by King Charles as the monarch is said to have finally reconciled with Prince Harry.

The insider told the publication, “William warned his father that it’s only a matter of time before Harry betrays the family again. It seemingly fell on deaf ears, though.”

The sources further claimed, “His brother has caused so much drama for the royals that when William heard Harry and Charles were talking again, he told his father: ‘It’s Harry or me.’ And Charles chose Harry. Now William can’t help but feel betrayed.”

The insider said when Prince Harry reached out at the end of 2023, he was more than receptive.

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King Charles and Harry were able to mend things pretty quickly — “much to the surprise of some family members.”

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