King Charles may abdicate his throne for Prince William after cancer diagnosis, rumours suggest

Prince William reacts to King Charles abdication rumours

Prince William has been “begging” King Charles not to abdicate the throne since it was confirmed he was suffering from cancer.

According to reports, Charles, the King of United Kingdom, will give in his power to his first born to spend the final days of his life with his lover, Queen Camilla.

William, the Prince of Wales, was already struggling with Kate Middleton’s health scare when he got to know of his father’s condition.

He believes it is not a good time for him to become the King as he wants to spend more time raising his and Kate Middleton’s three kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Sharing William’s reaction on rumours King Charles might abdicate, an insider told Globe, "William is horrified his workaholic father is quitting — it’s the last thing he expected."

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"Charles always vowed he would use his mother, Queen Elizabeth, as an example and rule until his dying day. After all, he waited 70 years for the crown,” they added.

"But his rapidly declining health has him staring death in the eye," the insider continued. "He’s decided he wants to spend his final days quietly with the love of his life.”

“But William is beside himself; he’s not ready and is begging Charles to reconsider,” they said, William’s begging his father to remain on the job until nature takes its course.”

The source went on to add how hard the past few weeks have been for William. "Kate faces a long, uphill battle to get back on her feet — and isn’t expected back in public before Easter,” they said.

"He and Kate want to spend more time raising their three young kids before ascending to the throne."

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