Prince Harry is reportedly flying back to UK after hearing about King Charles' cancer diagnosis

Prince William, Harry to 'forgive & forget' amid King Charles' cancer diagnosis?

Prince Harry and Prince William have been reportedly advised to put their disagreements aside amid King Charles’ cancer diagnosis.

Since leaving his position and making several public claims, Harry's relationship with the royal family has become tense. 

But once Charles' condition was revealed on Monday, the Mirror claimed that he was advised to put their rivalry behind and stick by his father's side.

Analyzing the situation, a PR expert named Jane Owens told the outlet that the Duke of Sussex is set to fly home to the UK to be with his family and believes this is "the right move."

“I hope that it’s a case of 'all is forgotten' until his Dad heals. That would be the fair and proper stance for everyone to take in these circumstances,” she said.

Jane further added, "I also hope this could be an avenue for the brothers to mend some bridges. I think there have been mistakes on both sides, but at the end of the day family is family and you only get one life, one father, and in their case one brother.”

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