Prince William, and Prince Geroge to face a ‘serious knock’ on the family life they prioritized since Queen Elizzabeth’s death

Prince William, George face ‘serious knock' on family life after King Charles cancer

Prince William and his son Prince Geroge are reportedly in line to face a ‘serious knock’ on their private and family life after King Charles’ cancer diagnosis.

Claims and hypotheses about all of this have been brought to light by writer Jessica Green.

She touched on everything in a piece for the Daily Mail and it reads, “The diagnosis is also likely to be professionally devastating for Charles, who was the longest-serving heir to the throne in British history before he became King on the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, on September 8 2022.”

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Because “Aides have said he has relished the challenge and is hugely enjoying his royal role.”

According to Ms Green, “The King's diagnosis will pose serious questions for the working of the monarchy, with fewer working members of the royal family and the Princess of Wales out of action due to what has only been described as 'abdominal surgery' until after Easter.”

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Not to mention Prince William and Kate Middleton moved Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis “to Windsor 18-months ago in order to allow their children to enjoy a more carefree childhood, outside of the royal bubble, until absolutely necessary.”

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