Prince Harry has started to spark a lot of sympathy now that experts fear his bubble has officially popped

Prince Harry’s bubble has ‘popped’ and hard not to sympathy

Experts fear Prince Harry’s bubble has officially popped, and a mountain of sympathy is following.

All of this has been issued by royal author and writer Caroline Graham.

She weighed in on everything during one of her most recent pieces for the Daily Mail.

In that piece, she touched on Prince Harry’s potential future after the Living Legend of Aviation award show.

According to Ms Garaham, “In many ways, this vainglorious gala felt like the popping of Harry's bubble. But it was hard not to feel a smidgen of sympathy.”

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The author also went on to note that, with three decades in the US, “I've been to scores of A-list events, including nearly every Oscars ceremony, but Friday's event was a low-rent shambles.”

“Apart from Ms Sanchez, none of the big names, including John Travolta and Morgan Freeman, walked the red carpet. Other promised guests, including musician Kenny G, failed to show,” she also said.

“As Harry left the way he arrived – slipping out of the back entrance into a waiting Range Rover – I was left pondering if this event was an indication of what the future holds for him. Will he be reduced to giving speeches alongside the likes of Mario-Max over gala chicken dinners to support his £11 million Montecito mansion and estimated £1.6 million-a-year security bill? For his sake, I sincerely hope not.”

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