Prince Harry’s blood letting is probably a ‘very heavy’ pack check in the making still

Prince Harry’s blood letting for Spare has just been called out by an expert who feels it must have been exuberantly expensive.

This has been issued by royal commentator Jennie Bond.

She weighed in on everything during one of her most recent conversations with Fabulous magazine.

While starting everything off she referenced the paycheck Prince Harry must have received for his personal contributions to Spare.

“I’m not sure what Harry hoped to achieve with his blood letting in Spare, apart obviously from a very handsome pay cheque,” she began by saying.

Reason being, “Whatever it was, it seems to have largely backfired as his popularity on both sides of the Atlantic is languishing and the deeply personal attacks on his family only deepened the rift with them.”

For those still unversed with the contents of Prince Harry’s memoir, it features intimate details of Buckingham Palace fights and disagreements.

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