Prince Harry travelled to UK to see his cancer-stricken father, King Charles, and left after 12 hours

Prince Harry ripped for waiting until last minute to visit King Charles

Prince Harry has been under fire for waiting till his father, King Charles, “had cancer to come and visit.”

Harry, the Duke of Sussex, arrived to the UK to see his cancer-stricken dad. After landing at London’s Heathrow Airport, he went to Clarence House, where King Charles and Queen Camilla live.

According to reports, Harry had a 45-minute meeting with Charles. However, the Duke did not meet his brother, Prince William, or his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, who is recovery in Windsor following planned abdominal surgery.

Speaking on GB News, Carole Malone dragged the Duke for his visit following the tragic announcement that Charles has been diagnosed with a “form of cancer.”

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"When you have a dad who's 75, you know that medical things are going to be bad. That's true,” Malone said. "You do not wait until he's had a cancer diagnosis to come and visit him.”

"I keep on hearing 'Oh it's family they should put everything to one side. How can you put to one side the fact that this man Harry trashed his family for three years for multi-millions and now thinks he can fly back in here and people are going to go 'Oh well, it's family it's all good,” she continued.

To this, journalist Nichi Hodgson argued, saying, "I just think that's growing up. People as children, say terrible things to our parents and we make horrific mistakes with them.”

"I've done it with my parents and then hopefully you get some time to put it right, which I have had,” she added. "Whoever is advising Harry, please give him some better advice. Because it was done terribly.”

Malon exclaimed, "You can't put much right in half an hour,” explaining, "He doesn't listen to anybody that's part of the problem. They have a whole host of advisors who he keeps sacking."

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