Prince Harry showed Meghan Markle as ‘weak’ in ‘Spare’ while Kate Middleton was portrayed as ‘tough’

Prince Harry portrayed Kate Middleton as ‘the tough one’ in ‘Spare’

Prince Harry did Kate Middleton a huge favour by showing her as the “tough one” in comparison to his wife, Meghan Markle, in his famous memoir, Spare.

Speaking with GB News, Royal Editor for the Mail on Sunday, Charlotte Griffiths, claimed that the Duke of Sussex accidentally showed Kate in positive light despite trying to attack her in autobiography.

"Spare did her a favour, because Harry wrote every other chapter about how Meghan was on the floor crying,” the expert told the publication.

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"There's always been this narrative from Meghan and Harry's camp that Meghan is the strong one and Kate is the weak one,” she added

"But Spare portrayed Meghan as this weak, flailing character on the floor, and actually Kate is the tough one that made Meghan cry.”

“We are getting this picture emerging of Kate as a bit of a tough cookie underneath it all,” Griffiths continued. "She's [Kate] had a brilliant year and she's had the Coronation as well, where she just looked fabulous.”

“She's running a tight ship with her family and she's getting tougher and tougher as the years go by."

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