Prince Harry has just been put on blast for making the world see how ‘fragile’ King Charles really is

Prince Harry is showing ‘how fragile' King Charles really is

Prince Harry has just been called out for letting the world see how fragile King Charles and his monarchy are without the senior members.

All of this has been referenced by author and writer Jane Atkinson.

She touched on everything during one of her recent pieces for The Sun.

She began everything by saying, “This ‘living legend’ clearly hasn’t dedicated his life to the family who gave him every ridiculous advantage.”

“He first abandoned them, then tried to torture them.”

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She also added, “And this is probably why Charles, shortly after getting his crown, unsurprisingly ruled that only the key working royals could ever stand in for him.”

“That means the likes of Harry, Meghan, Andrew, Beatrice and Eugenie can’t step up to the plate — even if they wanted to.”

“The absence of the key players shows how fragile the Royal Family is without them, and just how important they are.”

“I hope their time away makes us appreciate them a little bit more, because it would be devastating for this country if they weren’t there to fly the flag for us,” she added before signing off. 

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