Prince Harry is gearing up for an Invictus Games event in the upcoming weeks.

The Duke of Sussex is scheduled to be in Canada for three-day engagement, days after coming back from visiting his ailing father, King Charles III. 

As Harry is preparing for the big event, a PR expert has shared insights as to how the day could be important for the Duke of Sussex.

Jane Owen tells Mirror.co.uk: "I think it would be a great move on his part to make the most out of his position and relationship with The Invictus Games. It's a great project that he's got a lot of knowledge about and genuine passion for.

"The Games have a great track record and given the worldwide passion for sports and competition there's a guaranteed audience for the games if they are broadcast at a high level. The potential for the project is enormous and i think it would be the perfect job for Harry and the logical next step for the Games."

She continued: "Additionally I'm sure there are some amazing personal stories of the athletes that compete in the Games. The fact that they are wounded veterans is so inspiring. I wouldn't be surprised if there are some real life stories that would be great movies. I'd be shocked if there weren't. That might be a great way to bring Harry’s passion for the Games and his wife’s passion for entertainment together."

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