Prince Harry has just come under fire for stooping so low that’s harvesting royals for personal gain

Prince Harry can't stoop lower & is harvesting’ King Charles for personal gain

Prince Harry has just been called out for taking advantage of his royal connections for personal gain, in a shocking turn of events by his distant relative.

All of this has been referenced by the infamous Prince Alexander of Schaumburg-Lippe.

For those unversed, he claimed the right to use the title after he was adopted at 23 years old by a distant relative of the Royal Family.

He also boasts connections from as far back as William of Orange, and for those unversed, that would make him very distant cousins with the British Royal Family.

He broke down his thoughts just recently, about Prince Harry.

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In the middle of his dialogue, he broke his silence on the disappointment and told The Mail, “It's very painful for me”.

After all, since Megxit “this guy has been harvesting our name for his personal gain.”

In the eyes of this distant relative, “Prince Harry cannot stoop lower than appearing with him.”

And thus “I would advise him to stay away from this man.”

It is pertinent to mention that the distant relative of the Firm is known as 'the King of Trash TV' and even goes as far as to talk about products like a ‘wealth elixir’ on TV.

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