Prince William’s children are reportedly going to be facing the short end of the stick now that his life in the goldfish bowl gets lonelier

Prince George, Charlotte, Louis looking ‘vulnerable' without Prince William

Experts believe Prince William is ‘most probably’ feeling more lonely than ever now that his kids’ futures are becoming more vulnerable.

All of this has been said by royal commentator and expert Richard Kay.

He weighed in on everything during one of his most recent pieces for the Daily Mail.

In that piece, he said, “It is not hard to imagine the confusion of emotions that will be flooding through Prince William’s mind today: sadness and anxiety at his father’s illness but also bewilderment at the enormity of the challenge now facing him and the inevitable sacrifices he will be forced to make.”

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“Suddenly all his and Kate’s meticulously thought-out plans, in which their children’s welfare was the priority, are now looking vulnerable. What makes the uncertainty all the greater is the unforgiving nature of the King’s condition.”

“Never can life in the goldfish bowl of the Royal Family have felt quite so lonely or so perilous. For William, the pressure is doubly intense because the extra burden that will come while his father undergoes treatment for cancer will have to be met alone.”

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