Prince Andrew warned he could no longer ever help himself because the ‘final nail’ in his coffin has been laid.

Royal commentator Phil Dampier issued these sentiments during one of her most recent chats with MailOnline.

During his conversation with the outlet, the expert touched on the likelihood of Prince Andrew ever joining royal ranks again after Prince William takes the throne.

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While responding to the possibility Mr Dampier said, “These latest revelations will do nothing to help Prince Andrew's hopes for a return to royal duties.”

“That was always very unlikely anyway but this could be the final nail in the coffin of his reputation.”

Before concluding he also added, “It's important to remember he has never been found guilty of any crimes and denies them. But I can't ever see him setting foot in the USA again. Indeed, for someone who used to travel the world he has only been abroad once or twice since the scandal erupted.”

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