Kathy Hilton defends daughter Paris Hilton after she was criticized over son’s diaper

Paris Hilton mom Kathy comes to her defense after being mom-shamed

Kathy Hilton spoke in defense of her daughter, Paris Hilton, who was bashed after she revealed she learned how to change her son’s diaper one month after he was born.

In the second season of Paris in Love, the media personality revealed she acquired the skill of changing her son, Phoenix's diaper, something she claimed to do for the first time a month after his birth through surrogacy.

Social media trolls shamed the new mom, accusing her of being a distant parent, leading to Paris defending herself, stating that the scene in question was meant to be lighthearted and a joke.

She emphasized her active involvement in motherhood, saying, "As you can see, I changed his diaper the night I brought him home."

Speaking with US Weekly, Kathy said new parents being hesitant to change diaper of their first born is very real.

“[When] I had Paris, my mother came and helped for three weeks,” she said, adding that she’ll “never forget” the first time she had to put Paris in a car seat.

“I felt like I was going to break her. I just happened to be younger,” she shared before saying that she “totally understood” where Paris was coming from during her first few months of motherhood.

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