The director of 'Miller’s Girl' makes big statements about his new film and Jenna's Ortega's performance

Photo: 'Miller's Girl' director recalls being ‘terrified' of Jenna Ortega while filming

Miller’s Girl director, Jade Bartlett was reportedly ‘terrified’ of Jenna Ortega during her “insane” performance in the newly released flick.

While the Wednesday hitmaker is facing backlash over an intimate scene from Bartlett’s movie, the filmmaker claimed that Jenna's performance also scared him.

In a recent interview with What To Watch, the director revealed, "She definitely went to a place with Cairo that... it's even tricky to explain."

Speaking of the intricacies of Jenna’s character, he explained, "Her entire education about romance is from 18th and 19th-century literature and old movies, which are inherently problematic, right?”

“But she thinks she is such a grownup," he added.

Jade then began to laud the 21-year-old actress, who portrayed a wide range of emotions quite adeptly.

He began, "Jenna, I mean she's a savant.”

"You watch her heart break in real-time and then you watch her calcify, you watch the scales grow over her and it's a very subtle thing that I think is quite terrifying,” he commented before signing off from the topic. 

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