Meghan Markle advised to not be greedy and negotiate a healthy salary if she returns for ‘Suits’

Meghan Markle warned against demanding millions if she is offered ‘Suits’ reboot

Meghan Markle has been advised to choose her career over a big pay check in case Suits makers decide to go for show’s reboot.

After her former co-star, Patrick J. Adams expressed his desire to work alongside the Duchess of Sussex at the red carpet of 2024 Golden Globes, fans believe a reboot might happen after all.

Speaking on the matter, a PR expert Mayah Riaz claimed that Meghan could earn £235,000-£314,000 per episode if she negotiates her worth.

However, another PR guru, Ryan McCormick has warned Meghan against being “greedy” but suggested her to say “yes” if she is offered a role in the show.

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He told The Mirror, "I think Returning to Suits would be a good move for Meghan because it anchors her to a successful television series.”

“Being directly involved and associated with projects that are positively viewed is terrific for her image and can also insulate her a bit when facing public criticism.

"Meghan should be grateful for this opportunity and make it appoint to be kind and charming to everyone down to the production assistants on this program."

He said Meghan could negotiate "a healthy salary increase,” adding, "Meghan's profile has risen considerably since her previous run, I think she should negotiate a healthy salary increase.”

“But, not get greedy,” he added. “If she asks for too much money and the deal falls apart it will hurt her reputation."

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