Meghan Markle 'struggling' as she tries to identify 'who she is'

Meghan Markle will struggle to find herself this year, says an astrologer.

Inbaal Honigman, believes the upcoming months would be tough for the Duchess of Sussex, who is trying to re-establish her identity.

Speaking on behalf of Slingo, Ms Honigman said: "Some negotiations don't go to plan for Meghan this month, and she feels disappointed with being short-changed on a deal. She doesn't want to start an argument or be seen as hard work, but she won't be collaborating with that brand again.

"There's an obvious struggle for Meghan this year, as she tries to identify who she is. She isn't a working royal, not a current actor, at home in the UK or at home in the US – it's not an easy year emotionally and she'll therefore change her circle of friends so that she's surrounded with more support,” she noted.

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