The culprit who stole the red ruby shoes from the ‘Wizard of Oz’ finally admits his ‘one last score’ and temptation

Man responsible for stealing Dorothy's ruby red slipper from Wizard of Oz revealed

The ruby slipper worn by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz was stolen back in 2005. However, a recent confession from an age-reformed mobster has put the case to rest.

Terry Jon Martin, 76, had a lifelong history of burglary and has now confessed to having given into the temptation of ‘one last score’ and had stolen the red slippers after a mob associate manipulated him into believing its insured value to be $1 million.

TJM was under the impression that the shoes were decorated with real rubies and that he could sell them. 

But later a fence (a person who deals in stolen goods) revealed that the shoes were bedazzled with glass and Martin threw the pair two days later.

The shoes were found in 2018 and Martin was pled guilty to using a hammer to destroy the display case and grabbing the shoes in May 2023. Martin’s defence attorney DeKrey claimed ‘old habits die hard’ and that Terry had a ‘criminal relapse’ hence he participated in the theft.

However, due to Terry’s illness and physical state, the judge showed mercy and decided to sentence him to time served, Martin is now in hospice care with a life expectancy of fewer than 6 months.  

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