Buckingham Palace says during King Charles recent hospital procedure for prostate enlargement, subsequent diagnostic tests have identified a form of cancer

King Charles true feelings to reunite with Prince Harry amid cancer diagnosis laid bare

Britain’s King Charles is said to be ‘delighted’ to reunite with estranged son Prince Harry, who is returning to UK after the monarch was diagnosed with cancer.

Speaking to Sky News, per Mirror UK, King Charles former secretary Kristina Kyriacou claimed, "The King will be delighted to see him, and if some good news can come out of this and there's an overall reconciliation, I think everyone will be happy."

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Kristina Kyriacou’s remarks came amid reports Prince Harry is returning to Britain after his father King Charles was diagnosed with cancer.

According to a report by The Sun, Archie and Lilibet father is due to land in the UK around midday on Tuesday to be with his ailing father King Charles.

King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer and has begun treatment, Buckingham Palace said on Monday evening, sparking a flood of support from around the world.

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