King Charles urged to address sexual assault allegations on his brother, Prince Andrew

King Charles is taking a strong stand on his brother, Prince Andrew, in the midst of renewed attention on the Jeffrey Epstein court document scandal.

The king, who has been in charge for 16 months, is firmly supporting his brother, saying the recent accusations are not proven and highlighting how important it is for the family to stick together.

A friend of the King told The Daily Beast, "I think [the king] has been very clear that family unity comes first. He is not going to change course on the basis of a series of unproven allegations that have all been made before and will almost certainly all be made again."

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Charles, who has been a King for 16 months now, has consistently shown his support for his brother as he believes there is no truth to his "sexual assault" allegations.

While Andrew is in his room locked away from the entire world, Charles is reportedly urged to step up his game and address the allegations on his brother.

Speaking on the matter, former royal journalist Charles Rae said, "The King is in a difficult position in so much as I think he made a mistake at Sandringham."

"That wasn’t an official royal outing; it was a family outing," he added, "He should have told Andrew not to turn up. I think he may well regret that decision. The King has tried to kick him out of the royal residences before."

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