Royal author dismisses Netflix’s ‘Crown’ story about King Charles itching to get his hands on crown

King Charles never wanted his mother, Queen Elizabeth, to abdicate the throne so that he would get his hand on the crown, claimed royal author Robert Hardman.

Dismissing the story line of Netflix’s hit historical drama Crown which showed Charles itching to get his hands on the crown, Hardman said it was “not the case at all.”

Speaking with GB News, The Making of a King: King Charles III and the Modern Monarchy author said that Charles never wanted to take over the throne.

He said, "If you watch the Crown you'll see there's a plot line that he's itching to get his hands on the crown and he keeps lobbying prime ministers and says come on, come on, come on, let me have a go.”

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"Not the case at all. He was never pushing his way in which is why the Queen's authority was completely undiminished to the end,” the expert added.

In another interview with People Magazine, Hardman said of Charles, “He definitely had his own views on how he wanted to run the operation.”

“But this idea that he was impatient to get his hands on it didn't occur to him,” he added. "I don't think people have possibly quite understood that he is a sort of spiritual person.”

“And there's a sort of fatalism there. It's more like, 'Well, the day will come and when it comes, I'll deal with this, but I'm not in a hurry.'

“He had his way of operating and he had his organizations and his charities, and there wasn't a great rush to suddenly seize control."

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