Expert reveals details of alleged tensions between King Charles and his eldest son, Prince William

King Charles leaving out Prince William while preparing for monarch?

King Charles is not leaving out Prince William as he prepares to become the monarch, according to a royal historian.

Despite rumors of tension between Charles and William, the historian says some competition between heirs and monarchs is normal.

Prince Charles reportedly wants more control over the monarchy, but the royal historian, Marlene Koenig, thinks it's just part of the usual dynamics.

Speaking with GB News, she said: “You always have this. There’s always this, quote-on-quote rivalry, between heir and sovereign.”

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“I don’t think it’s a rivalry. William is doing his path and what he sees his role as heir is,” Koenig added.

“There are constitutional obligations and he saw what his father did, which was good, and now he’s finding his own path doing similar things, but differently in a way.”

She continued: “In the case of Queen Victoria, she never included her son, Edward VII. He was a playboy, he cheated on his wife, he got involved in a scandal, and yet, became a peacemaker when he was King.

“She excluded him from letting him know,” Koenig went on to added, “On the other hand, George VI made sure Elizabeth was very aware.”

“She was given constitutional law lessons and her education was formed around being the future sovereign. William is finding his own ways as heir, and of course, he is not excluded by his father.”

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