King Charles' eventual demise would be handled through Operation Menai Bridge

When Queen Elizabeth II passed away, Operation London Bridge was put into motion for the smooth transition of power to her son, then-Prince Charles.

A similar plan was made for the eventual death of King Charles III and named Operation Menai Bridge, after the world's first iron suspension bridge in Anglesey, Wales.

King Charles was crowned on May 6, 2023 after the death of his mother. Soon after, Operation Menai Bridge was prepared so a plan would be there for when His Majesty passes away.

Royal protection officer Simon Morgan told Today: “Even the King said in his acceptance that he will take this role for as long as life allows him to.”

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He added: “He is 73 years of age, it's got to be in the back of your mind, and from the police, we've got to start planning again for the future.”

Such a plan guides the Palace on exactly what to do in the days that follow when a monarch dies. Operation Menai Bridge would see the crowned prince, William, Prince of Wales, become king and his wife Kate Middleton become Queen Consort.

The new king would then inform and address the nation, so a period of mourning can begin. The king’s private secretary would then inform the Prime Minister and the King’s Privy Council Office.

Other departmental secretaries would share scripted information with government ministers, whereas senior civil servants would receive emails. Following that, flags across Whitehall would be lowered to half-mast to signify national mourning.

In the past, such code names were given to these protocols to avoid the news of the monarch’s death from being leaked to the media and public before the official announcement was made.

However, the code names are now widely known. The Queen Mother and Princess Diana’s funeral protocols were given the code name Operation Tay Bridge, whereas the Duke of Edinburgh’s death was given the codename of Operation Forth Bridge.

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