Kathy Hilton tearfully reflects on meeting her grandson for the first time on ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’: ‘It’s a happy time’

Kathy Hilton recalls her first time seeing Paris's grandson: ‘So Beautiful' ’ 

American socialite, Kathy Hilton couldn’t keep her tears at bay while talking about her grandson ‘Pheonix’ on a daytime talk show.

The Jennifer Hudson show's latest teaser features Kathy Hilton as she broke into tears recalling the first time she laid her eyes on her grandson, “So beautiful. It’s a happy time” Kathy rejoiced.

Kathy revealed her initial disbelief at the news, she exclaimed, “I mean, I could not believe it,” that is because coincidentally, her husband lost a dog at the time and they were anticipating a puppy surprise from Paris.

The 64 year old fashion designer continued to describe her grandson as, "so long, and big, and he's getting hair and just smiles."

“It’s really something to have my first baby having her first baby", said Kathy with a heartfelt smile, and with her 10 week old granddaughter ‘London’, the actress cheerfully added, ‘We have Irish twins!”

On the subject of nicknames, the grandmother shared her desire to be called ‘Kiki’, a name given by her sisters.


Paris Hilton welcomed Phoenix in January 2023 and London in November 2023 (via surrogate) with her husband Carter Reum. The 42 year old mother also shares about her plans to celebrate her son’s first birthday later this year.   

Kathy Hilton recalls her first time seeing Pariss grandson: ‘So BeautifulKathy Hilton recalls her first time seeing Pariss grandson: ‘So Beautiful

The teaser of the daytime chat show successfully captures an emotional and joyful moment within the Hilton family, captivating the audience. 

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