Close friends have just come forward to offer some insight into what Kate Middleton plans to do during her recovery

Kate Middleton's work arrangements after abdominal surgery, pals break silence

Kate Middleton is allegedly planning to work from her bed after her abdominal surgery at London Clinic near Regent’s Park.

This insight has been brought to light by some of her close friends.

For those unversed, Kate is expected to finish her recuperation in Adelaide Cottage in Windsor and intends to return to work “as soon as possible” afterward.

This is because of the “unwavering commitment” she feels towards the nation, reports claim.

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However, in the beginning, they are planning on putting “family first, day job second” to maintain some ‘normality’ for their kids Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Not much is known about the procedure, other than it was deemed non-cancerous. This is because in her official statement via Buckingham Palace, the future Queen asked for privacy relating to her medical records.

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