Kanye West has shared an unusual video of wife Bianca Censori and left fans surprised

Kanye West has shared an unusual video of wife Bianca Censori and left fans surprised

Kanye West has shared a new video of wife Bianca Censori which has left fans surprised.

Taking to Instagram, Kanye shocked his 18.6 million followers when he shared a video of wife Bianca driving a large truck, completely covered up in a black latex ensemble.

Fans were surprised at Bianca’s outfit since Ye recently shared snaps of the model in barely there swimwear.

Taking to comments, one shocked user wrote, "Normal post? No one is naked? Kanye are you ok?"

Another user wrote: "I’m convinced she’s a prop to his fantasies."

A third chimed in with a different perspective: "Rich people things … the fact that they probably have so much fun together, so In love, & they play this role to the public as if Kanye’s going crazy & his wife is miserable must be pure comedy to them."

Others called Bianca “Catwoman,” writing, "Cat woman with Batmobile."

This comes after the couple were recently seen hanging out with comedian Chris Rock. Their body language was analyzed by celebrity body language expert Inbaal Honigman, who noted how they ‘failed’ to acknowledge one another.

Honigman told The Mirror: "Chris Rock stands in front of Bianca and Ye, making eye contact with one, then eye contact with the other - while the musician and his wife don't look at each other at all. The couple fail to acknowledge one another for the entire chat, whereas whenever they look at Rock, they appear engaged and happy."

"We see Bianca talking to the comedian, her eyes wide open, her eyebrows raised in delight and her mouth open to a wide smile, top teeth showing,” she noted. “She doesn't even try to hide her excitement at getting to meet the comedy star. Her head and eyes don't turn towards her husband at all. Kanye himself looks excited, his eyes smiling as well as his lips, lines forming between his eyes suggesting that his joy is genuine. However, Ye's eyes never meet his Mrs."

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