Kanye West believes a chocolate brand may have an ulterior method in new outlandish claim

Kanye West baffles internet with new odd claim

It appears Kanye West is a synonym for controversy. The Chicago rapstar has a streak of outlandish claims that left the internet in bafflement. 

His latest claim into the mix-up was that a popular candy bar was getting big in size because it was trying "to make us fat."

In Dec 2023, the Power hitmaker came on Instagram Live in a red outfit and wearing headphones. 

Surrounded by people, the 46-year-old went on his typical rant, but what caught the internet's attention was his claim in the mid-way.

"They ********** made the Twix double the size trying to make us fat," he screamed.

Meanwhile, netizens had a field day after the clip went viral on the internet.

In another viral clip, Kanye was interrupted by an audience member telling him, "You ain't God". To which he furiously replied, "Shut up. Be quiet before you get exiled".

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