Julia Roberts gets candid about having no prior acting experience before joining the showbusiness industry

Photo: Julia Roberts sheds light on a hidden aspect of her career

Julia Roberts is seemingly jealous of her tech-savvy co-stars.

Recently, Leave the World Behind star sat down for an interview with British Vogue.

During this chat, the 56-year-old star got candid about the fact that she had no prior acting experience before joining Hollywood.

When the interviewer asked Julia Roberts how this had affected her career, the Pretty Woman alum replied, “Well, it’s funny, because my most technical job is to forget where the camera is.”

The acting sensation went on to address, “It’s the camera’s responsibility to be in the right place for the scene,” declaring, "That’s not my job.”

“I do think that is a thing that kind of separates actors from non-actors – being able to find the camera, but for it to have no conscious consequence,” she also added.

Later in the conversation, Julia disclosed that she would love to have the technical expertise that her co-stars had.

Speaking on the matter, she revealed to the outlet, “I still envy people I work with who are very technical. I find it really fascinating, and I envy it so much.”

“There’s so many different ways to approach it,” she stated before moving on to the next topic. 

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