Jennifer Lawrence recounts her first 'Sundance Film Festival' and terms the experience as 'beautiful and so cold'

Photo: Jennifer Lawrence spills the beans on her first 'Sundance Film Festival'

Jennifer Lawrence reportedly shared her first and fondest Sundance Film Festival memories.

No Hard Feelings star recently had a conversation with People Magazine for their weekly issue.

In this chat, the interviewer asked Jennifer to open up about her first appearance at the Snowy Park City, Utah, fest.

In response to this, the actress who is known for her witty remarks and noted that one could always spot the newcomers there, “Because they’re the ones that aren’t wearing proper snow boots.”

She went on to poke fun at herself as well by revealing that once she found herself among those newbies.

“I was in, like, Louboutin boots sliding all over the place,” she quipped.

The 33-year-old superstar also mentioned, “Trying to walk in high heels through frozen streets,” adding, “that stood out.”

The Hunger Games hitmaker went on to recount that this experience was her very first exposure to the spotlight after she rose to stardom by starring in the hit movie, Winter’s Bone.

The acting sensation also told the outlet, “I remember it being the first time that somebody wanted to interview me and was really interested because they thought I was a good actor,” after regarding the overall experience as “beautiful and so cold.”

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