Jason Mamoa talks about the apparent disadvantages of his striking Hawaiian appearance

Photo: Jason Mamoa on the luxury of anonymity: "It was amazing. No one knew"

Jason Mamao revealed his secret place where he could finally conceal himself from excessive public attention.

The Game of Thrones actor recently spoke to People about his struggles with keeping a low-profile in public.

Addressing the issue on his new travel series called On The Roam, the Hollywood hunk credited his robust yet striking physique for garnering all the attention from cameras.

Mamoa confessed, "I get recognized wherever I go."

The actor went on to elaborate by saying, "I’m 6’4”, Hawaiian, probably in stripes and in pink, not being subtle, so. It’s just the way it is."

He also recounted an anecdote and said, "I saw a paparazzi picture of me just going like this," before pulling his shirt over his face in order to cover it.

However, he claimed that people would still recognize him and said, “It’s still like, you’re not getting away with anything. It’s still me."

Despite these struggles, the 44-year-old actor confessed that once he managed to go out incognito. This happened when he was in filming in the Middle East for the flick Dune.

The Aquaman actor told the outlet, "You know when I got away with it, I was in Jordan and you’ve got to be fully wrapped and covered up."

"It was amazing. No one knew. I was standing next to people, it was great," he dished in conclusion. 

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