As soon as Kate Middleton is discharged from hospital she will 'work from bed', according to reports

Dr Shola reacts to reports Kate Middleton will 'work from bed'

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu has expressed her views over reports Princess of Wales Kate Middleton will 'work from bed' as she recovers from surgery.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, Dr Shola shared the screen grab of a report titled “Kate works from bed as William goes full dad’ saying “these press headlines are next level cringe”.

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The British-Nigerian activist and political commentator, who is also a major supporter of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, tweeted: “Breaking: Princess Catherine & Prince William raise standard of parenting & work ethics. Women, we must all work ‘from bed’ during recovery in hospital from serious surgery.

“Men, William is the standard of what ‘full dad’ is aka be half dad until mother of your children is in hospital. Where would we be without Royals to lead by example.”

As the Princess of Wales is currently recovering from abdominal surgery at a private hospital in London, the sources had claimed that the future queen is set to 'work from bed.'

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The insiders had told The Times that as soon as Kate Middleton is discharged from hospital she will 'work from bed'.

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