‘Friends' recognized Courtney Cox hasn't lost her humorous touch as she embraced self-mockery without hesitation

Courtney Cox jokes about her past hairstyles, finds it ‘ridiculous’

In a hilarious new Instagram video, posted on Tuesday, Courtney Cox took a trip down the memory lane, poking fun at her awkward hairstyles.

Cox, 59, shared an amusing Instagram video that began with her working outside, when an individual with a grey hoodie, approached her to inquire, "What's going on?", to this the actress responded, ‘construction’ before noticing an ‘embarrassing’ picture of her Scream 3 fringe, on the hoodie.

“What is that?”, the Friends star reverts, “The bangs? Come on. That's ridiculous. It's embarrassing.”

She later appears in the video walking inside the house to ask workers about the construction where she met 3 individuals wearing sweatshirts, each with a different, controversial hairstyle, including Friends’ Monica Geller with frizzy hair.

However, this wasn’t the first time the Family Ties celebrity made fun of her hairstyles. During The Drew Barrymore show in 2022, she reflected on her Scream hairstyle and expressed, “Each 'Scream' I would try to come up with a different look for her that was just over the top gross, or ugly or too much”.

Nonetheless, the video is not only funny but it’s also a nostalgic nod as fans reminisced about the beloved characters, and the affectionate comments under the video are a proof of it. Cox’s infectious personality and her willingness to make a joke on her self refreshes the social media landscape.

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