Britney Spears's career first film, released in 2002, is set to appear on Netflix

Britney Spears sets to make splash on Netflix

Britney Spears fans must be joyful as her first film, Crossroads, is coming to Netflix on Feb. 15.

The streamer promoted the 2002 movie, "The first movie to ever star the one and only Britney Spears has never been available on streaming... but that's about to change!"

The statement continued, "We're thrilled to announce that Crossroads will finally be available on Netflix — GLOBALLY — starting February 15."

The film's logline reads, "With barely a plan, practically no money but plenty of dreams, the girls catch a lift with Mimi's handsome friend Ben (Anson Mount) in his convertible."

It continued, "Along the way they not only gather experiences that will change their lives, but they also discover how important it is to hold onto their hearts' desires."

Helmed by Tamra Davis, Crossroads follows the story of a high school group as they embark on a journey while remembering their childhood friendship.

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