Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were reportedly going through marital woes amid new album release

Photo: Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez hope for a bright future amid feud rumours

Ben Affleck’s marriage with Jennifer Lopez is reportedly going strong despite their personal differences.

Earlier, a report of OK! Magazine revealed that although “they get on each other’s nerves,” the pair was trying to work things out.

It was also disclosed to the outlet, “Jennifer is obsessed with every detail” of Affleck and Lopez’s new movie Unstoppable: The Anthony Robles Story “and that has been bothering Ben.”

With that being said, the latest reports regarding the couple credited Ben Affleck for instilling a tremendous amount of creativity in the 54-year-old multihyphenate.

Speaking to People Magazine on the matter, a source disclosed about Jennifer's ninth album and said, "It’s been the perfect time to focus on a new album. She’s loved creating new music. She’s very excited [about] it."

“Ben’s proud of her. He’s her biggest fan. He loves how hard-working and focused she is,” the insider continued.

The source also spilled the beans on the inner workings of the family, which includes the pair’s kids from their previous marriages, and admitted that they see a bright future ahead. 

“Their family life is great too. The kids are all friends. They get along really well," the insider insisted in conclusion. 

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