Bad news for Miley Cyrus' alleged stalker

Miley Cyrus would seemingly feel safe after an alleged stalker was arrested for appearing at the pop icon's L.A. home with a stuffed animal as a gift.

Reports reveal the authorities nabbed Alexander Karddalian from the Hannah Montana actress's home surroundings.

The arrest came after the Wrecking Ball hitmaker noticed a suspicious person around the house, whom the Grammy-nominated singer had previously recognised for following her. 

Apparently, he tried to gift the musician a stuffed animal as he stood in front of her gate.

Afterwards, the 31-year-old and her team made a distressing call to the law enforcement agency at nearly 1 am, according to TMZ.

Notably, the said individual was the same person Miley sought protection from the court in September 2023.

The report added the 52-year-old was booked for flouting the court order of not following Miley.

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