Prince Harry arrived in London to meet his father King Charles following his cancer diagnosis

Anti-monarchy group comes out in support of Prince Harry amid UK visit

Anti-monarchy group Republic has come out in support of Prince Harry amid his return to Britain to meet his father after palace confirmed that King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer.

According to reports, Prince Harry stayed at London hotel instead of royal residence after meeting with ailing father King Charles.

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Commenting on Prince Harry’s hotel stay, royal expert and journalist Mike Graham said, “He stayed in a hotel, like so many other American tourists. Because in truth, that’s what he is now.”

The TalkTV shared Mike’s comments clip on its official X, formerly Twitter handle, saying: “Mike Graham sends a message to Prince Harry as he leaves the UK after just 26 hours: “Good riddance mate, don’t hurry back!”

Reacting to Mike’s remarks, Republic CEO Graham Smith said, “These people are weird. If he stayed in Buckingham Palace they’d find a reason why that makes him wrong.”

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