Adele reveals plans after ending Las Vegas residency

Adele recently opened up about her plans after she will be packing up her Las Vegas residency in June.

The 35 year-old singer revealed that she doesn't plan on relaxing and chilling but would rather channel her time towards exciting activities and keep herself busy.

Explaining how she wants to get her core strength back, Adele said: “I don't normally do New Year's resolutions but I want to build my muscles in my core and my goal at the end is to learn how to do a backflip and not be in pain.”

“I've decided that this year I want to get to my peak physical fitness. I did it a few years ago and I felt fantastic but I know I can get stronger than that because I got there. Then I got lazy. So I'll start working out again to get my back completely right,” she recalled.

Adele clarified that she will also be hanging out with her friends, “I want to do weekly activities with my friends in my house at home, right. An activity every week and I was like, "Oh my God! I should do bingo!"

Reminiscing an old memory of playing the game with her grandmas and aunties, the Hello crooner added: “I used to think that maybe they had a gambling problem and it wasn't until I was older I realised it was a socialising thing more than anything.”

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