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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and regardless of whether or not you’re single, deciding what to do can be stressful. Should you treat your loved one to a fancy day of pampering, or should you take them out for a fine dining experience? What about hanging out with your friends? How do you decide?

Well, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of Valentine’s Day deals and ideas for you and your loved ones, so that your day is spent relaxing, instead of worrying about what to do. The following are some deals and ideas:

Espresso Pakistan

There’s a whole lot you can explore with Espresso Pakistan! Their Instagram page suggests both gifts and deals. Go crazy!


Because you can never go wrong with chocolates on Valentine’s Day.

Nando’s Pakistan

The wordplay alone is a winner here.

Jardin Restaurant

A deal and a tailor-made menu? Sounds like a blast!

E Street Express

Even though this technically isn’t a Valentine’s Day deal, the offer extends till that date itself. We take what we can get. 

Dunkin’ Pakistan

Trust Dunkin’ to have a whole lot to offer on Valentine’s Day! With all the deals and offers at your disposal, how can you say no?

Ginsoy – Extreme Chinese

Because who doesn’t love complimentary dessert? It pairs perfectly with Chinese food, we’ve heard.

Broadway Pizza

Heart-shaped pizza? Yes, please.

The Patio

Again, there’s an entire menu here. Go nuts!

Big Tree House

Yet another specially curated menu, just for you (and for love).

Saltanat Restaurant

A “sweet 14% off to strike your heartstrings on the occasion of love?” Sign us up!

FLOC – For The Love of Coffee

When restaurants and cafes go the extra mile, it makes one feel all fuzzy and warm inside, no? Isn’t that what love is?

Melbrew Coffee Bar

A gift card for coffee doesn’t sound like much, but to a coffee lover, this is an absolute treasure. Invest in it. Take it from someone who wishes they had coffee coursing through their veins instead of blood.

Ensemble Salon

Pamper yourself to the fullest with their deals. We would.


They have an entire gift guide to help you out!

Amethyst Spa

A free blowdry on Valentine’s Day could be the difference between your loved one feeling themselves or having a bad hair day and feeling low. Your choice.

Manal Garib

A beauty studio and coffee collab? The ultimate self-love deal.

Art Barn

Being artsy on Valentine’s Day sounds like it’s right out of an Indie film. Go ahead, romanticise your life!

With this list, choose your pick and worry no more! Kick back, relax, and head to the location of your choosing for a day that’s all about love. 

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