Tampa Bay fish mate so noisily that residents can’t sleep — scientist reveals real story

Locascio confirmed that the disruptive noise originates from the black drum fish’s mating sounds

Soundwaves produced by black drumfish mating (left) and a man holding a Black drumfish(right).—Dr James Locascio/New York Post

Residents of Tampa Bay, Florida, have been puzzled by mysterious bass tones shaking their homes at night, prompting various speculative theories ranging from military operations to alien invasions, the New York Post reported. 

However, marine scientist James Locascio from the Marine Laboratory and Aquarium in Sarasota believes he has unravelled the enigma – it’s the result of amorous black drum fish engaging in nocturnal mating activities.

Installing marine microphones in the area, Locascio confirmed that the disruptive noise originates from the black drum fish’s mating sounds, a phenomenon he previously studied in Cape Coral nearly two decades ago.

During their winter mating season, these fish can produce tones reaching up to 165 water decibels, conducted through the ground and audible on land when numerous fish participate.

Locascio, recalling his earlier research, emphasised the disruptive nature of these bass-heavy groans and the impact on the community’s well-being. The scientist, prompted by recent tales of bewilderment in Tampa, has initiated efforts to collect data and validate his theory once again.

A GoFundMe campaign initiated by Tampa resident Sara Healy has raised $2,620 to support Locascio’s testing, reflecting the community’s eagerness to solve the mystery and restore peaceful nights.

Locascio acknowledges the challenge of collecting data in the expansive sea but remains optimistic about presenting conclusive evidence to alleviate the community’s concerns surrounding the piscine serenade.

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