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In a surprising turn of events, Pink Floyd’s frontman, Roger Waters, has lent a supportive hand to Imran Khan on Instagram, coupled with a montage of the PTI founder and World Cup winning cricket captain. 

The post was captioned, “A note to the Military Rulers of Pakistan and their Masters in Washington: My name is Roger Waters. I am an English musician and a passionate supporter of fair play. What you are doing in Pakistan is not Cricket.”

The musician furthered, “Imran Khan must be immediately released from his false imprisonment so that he can lead his party the PTI in a new fair and transparent election so that Pakistan can have a properly elected democratic government that actually represents the will of the people of Pakistan. Not the interests of foreign and domestic oligarchs.”

Waters previously made headlines when he called for peace in the grief-stricken Gaza, demanding Israel halt its attacks on civilians. Speaking this week to Turkish national broadcaster TRT World, he told how in 2016, he cancelled a concert after learning the venue in Israel’s Hayarkon Park was built on Palestinian graves, and then “moved the gig to an agricultural community where they grow chickpeas.”

“So we did a gig there, we had 60,000 people came, I think, at the time, it was the biggest gig that had ever been in Israel. And it was a huge success,” he said.

During the concert, he continued, he decided to take a stand. “When I got up on my hind legs, and I said now then, you are the generation of young Israelis who must make peace with your neighbours,” the audience quickly went from enthusiasm to silence, he recalled.

Waters also described his impression of visiting the Israeli-occupied West Bank a year after the concert. “The absolute disdain and disgust with which I with a British passport in a UNRWA (UN agency) vehicle, was treated by all the young Israeli border guards. And I remember thinking at the time, if they acted like that to me, what must be they’d be like, to the Palestinians..”

Now, he said, “Of course, we know exactly what they’re like to the Palestinians, because they are as we speak, committing genocide in Gaza,” referring to the ongoing Israeli war on Gaza, which since October 7 has taken over 28,000 lives, most of them women and children.

Waters, describing Israel’s attacks as “beyond imagination,” said, “People in Gaza have been bombed day and night by F-16s for weeks. But you cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like.”

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