Phillip Schofield finds joy in family moments as wife Steph chooses to forgo divorce

Phillip Schofield exuded happiness as he partook in a family outing in London alongside his family

Phillip Schofield cherished family moments on Sunday, as he enjoyed a family day out in London with his wife, daughters and pals.

The 61-year-old former This Morning host wore a cheerful expression, sharing laughs with wife Stephanie, 59, and their two daughters Molly, 30, and Ruby, 27.

Accompanied by diverse friends of different ages, the family enjoyed a stroll down the South Bank for lunch.

After their meal, the group exchanged warm goodbyes, taking turns to embrace each other before parting ways.

The family outing follows revelations that Stephanie has not pursued divorce from Phillip due to reportedly still harbouring love for him and serving as his support system.

The couple separated in 2020 when Phillip publicly came out as gay, yet Stephanie stood by him, and they did not formalize their divorce.

However, in May of the following year, Phillip confessed to having a relationship with a significantly younger man from This Morning, admitting to earlier dishonesty. Describing the romance as “unwise but not illegal,” he revealed it occurred during his nearly 30-year marriage.

Phillip resigned from This Morning and ITV and said he was ‘so very sorry’ to Steph for being unfaithful.

At the time, it was reported that Steph had been left ‘devastated’ by the revelation and angry that her husband had lied to her.

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