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At the 76th Annual DGA Awards in Beverly Hills on Saturday night, Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo used the platform to call for a ceasefire in Gaza as Israeli brutality continues to intensify, as reported by Deadline. The actor, who was at the event to present the Feature Film Nomination to Yorgos Lanthimos for Poor Things, adorned his lapel with pins representing peace lilies and Artists for Ceasefire.

Ruffalo explained the mission of Artists for Ceasefire, stating, “It’s calling for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza. There are 1,200 Israelis dead and 27,000 Palestinians. We’ve come to understand this bombing isn’t working; we’re not going to bomb our way to peace, and all we’re saying is, what’s wrong with giving a ceasefire a chance?”

Highlighting the humanitarian crisis, Ruffalo urged global leaders, particularly President of the United States Joe Biden, to demand a lasting ceasefire, maintaining, “We have a million refugees on the border of Rafah right now, who are looking at another bombing surge, and we have 400,000 people starving to death right now, without any humanitarian aid being able to get in there.”

“So we’re asking the leaders of the world to give peace a chance instead of just a continued bombing, the escalation of violence, and what will soon become a regional war that America will be dragged into,” he furthered on.

Despite his advocacy, Ruffalo clarified that he had no plans to make a statement during the awards ceremony itself, explaining, “It’s really for Yorgos tonight.”

On a lighter note, Ruffalo shared insights into his upcoming projects, including the highly anticipated film Mickey 17, directed by Bong Joon-ho. The actor described the film as a “crazy kind of space sci-fi,” where he plays the commander of a colonising ship in space. The film also features Robert Pattinson, Toni Collette and Steven Yeun. He is also set to star in an as-yet-untitled HBO series by Brad Ingelsby, the creator of Mare of Easttown.

According to Al Jazeera, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has issued a stark warning about the dire situation in Gaza, stating that half of the territory’s 2.3 million population is now concentrated in Rafah with no place to go. 

Guterres emphasised the grim reality faced by the displaced, asserting, “They have no homes” and “no hope.” The alarming conditions arise amid the ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza, with at least 28,064 reported deaths and 67,611 individuals wounded since October 7. In response to the escalating violence, Guterres implores the international community to address the unfolding humanitarian crisis. 

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